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An introduction to the vehicles

General Ambulance
General Ambulance
  • Description:the general ambulance is equipped with air tank and AEC, and stretcher etc.
  • Role:used for emergency rescuer to perform emergency rescue.

Water tank fire engine
Water tank fire-fighting truck
  • Description:water tank with a volume of less than 10 tons of water; most of which in our department have a volume less than 3 tons in our department, and are equipped with fixed water spraying nozzle, pump, river water pumping system and ladder.
  • Role:main fire engines used in a fire site for extinguishing of fire.

Reservior fire-fighting truck
  • Description:fire engine with a volume of over 10 tons of water, most of which in our department have a volume of about 12 tons, and are equipped with fixed barbette, pump and river pumping system.
  • Role:a larger fire engine used to supply water besides fire extinguishing.

Chemical fire engine
Chemical fire-fighting truck
  • Description:besides the water tank of over 3 tons, this fire engine is equipped with on-vehicle foam mixer system, powder device and foam carton of over 500 l.
  • Role:the main fire engine for extinguishing of fire on oil tank, chemicals, transportation means etc.

apparatus truck
Rescue appliances truck
  • Description:equipped with various destroying and rescue instruments, with hydraulic arm suspender in the middle or behind.
  • Role:special vehicle used for emergency rescue in traffic accident or collapsed building.

Ladder truck
Aerial ladder truck
  • Description:this truck is equipped with 30-50M lines, foldable arm, computer auto balancing system, platform anti-collision system, and water smoke protective device according to the type of the vehicle.
  • Role:choose adequate ladder truck for rescue according to the stories of the building on fire and the width of the lane used for rescue, it can reach the fifth floor and is the special vehicle for rescue in modern tall buildings on fire.

  • Description:equipped with larger fan propeller on boat.
  • Role:mainly used for search and rescue of the victim trapped in swamp, shoal, or wet land.

Rubber boat
  • Description:equipped with out jet, air jacket and life buoy on the boat.
  • Role:mainly used for rescue of the drowned in lake, river or reservoir.
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