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 Nantou County Fire Department was formerly the Unit of Able-bodied Man formed by civilian able-bodied men during the domination of Japanese, which was engaged in firefighting and disasters rescue. After the recovery of Taiwan in 1945, the fire unit was subject to Township Office (Military Service Section), and there were standing fire corps established in the township of Nantou, Caotun, Puli, and Zhushan in Nantou County, with 59 full time fire fighters and some civilian able-bodied men, 4 fire engines (in the township of Nantou, Caotun, Puli, and Zhushan) for firefighting and disasters rescue.


 In the township of Mingjian, Lugu, Jiji, Shuili, Yuchi, Guoxing, and Zhongliao where no fire engine or full-time fire fighters were allocated, civilian able-bodied men were recruited to carry out the fire fighting. In 1955, the affairs of firefighting were transferred to the Police Bureau (Public Order Section), with Safety Section Chief as the head of fire corps to deal with the fire affairs; in 1958, Fire Police Corps was established and formally listed as one of the sections of Police Bureau (first general commander as Jin, You-San, followed by Wan, Guo-Shu, Shi, Zu-Mou, Chen, Fa-Shen, Yang, Xi-Chuan, Wu, Sheng-Yuan, Xu, Qing-Hui, and Lin, Cong-Ji) with 5 subordinate branches in Nantou, Caotun, Puli, Zhushan, and Jiji, and 6 sub-branches in Mingjian, Zhongliao, Lugu, Shuili, Yuchi, and Guoxing; and a volunteer fire corps was established under the support of civilian volunteers, with 5 subordinate medium corps, 11 branches and 539 volunteer fire fighters; to resolve the shortage of fire police and for the sake of local nececcity, the Fire Sub-branch of Sun Moon Lake was established in the sightseeing area of Sun Moon Lake in 1971, and two Fire Branches were established in the township of in Sept. and Oct. 1984. By the end of March 18, 1999, there had been 8 firefighting corps, 7 sub-branches, 167 firemen, 46 fire engines, and 12 ambulances subject to the former Fire Police Corps in Nantou County. On March 18, with the affairs of firefighting separated from Police Bureau, Nantou County Fire Department was formally established, which was engaged in fire prevention, disasters rescue, and emergency help, and Mr. Lin, Cong-Ji, the former captain of Fire Police Corps of Police Bureau acted as the first director of Fire Department, which had 10 internal units, 3 subordinate corps, 15 branches and 420 staffs (only 165 firemen were transferred); also a volunteer fire corps was established with 8 subordinate medium corps, 15 branches and 907 volunteer firemen for assistance to firefighting; by the end of Dec. 2002, there had been 266 firemen, 3 fire engines, and 16 ambulances in Nantou County Fire Department to work day and night to safeguard the lives and assets of the local people. The fire unit under Japanese rule was located in the current site of No. 247, Zhongshan Street, Nantou City First Bank; in April, 1967, a layout for a new building was made as the original building was no longer sufficient for use with the expansion of staffs and vehicles; in 1968, Nantou County Fire Department was moved to the current site at No. 494, Minzu Road, Nantou County.

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