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Fainting First Aid Treatment

One may lose partly or fully consciousness when her/his brains suffer a transient ischemic attack due to the lower blood pressure.



qualm, paleness, numbness of four limbs, nausea, sweating, coldness of skin, and vague sight line.



  • Squat and lie down to prevent fainting when with above symptoms.
  • Move the patient to cool place.
  • Keep patient with vomit lying on her/his side to prevent vomit being drawn into the lungs.
  • For patient without vomit, keep her/him lying on the back, with lower limbs raised, and loosen her/his clothes on the neck and chest.
  • Keep her/his airway free and keep air fresh.
  • Give no drink to patient before she/he comes to her/himself.
  • Give sweet water to patient who has become clear-headed if her/his fainting confirmed as being caused by lower blood sugar determined.
  • Send the patient to the hospital for treatment once she/he fails to come to her/himself right away.