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Asthma First Aid Treatment

Preventive health care is superior to treatment when asthma occurs.


First Aid Treatment

  • Keep calm and set with most comfortable position, keep breathing gradually and easily.
  • Ask if the patient has medicines with her/him, and apply bronchia dilator as doctor’s prescription, if this doesn’t work well, spray the dilator again in five minutes (no more than 3 times) and send her/him to hospital as soon as possible.
  • Take the medicines with her/him, which may take effect in about 40 minutes.
  • Oxygenate her/him to improve her/his anoxia.


How to prevent asthma

  • Keep living environment dry with humidity maintained between 60 and 70%.
  • Keep away from allergic sources (dust, pollen, smoking, pets, and rug etc.).
  • Do not eat iced food, keep warm by wearing enough clothes, and avoid breathing in cold air.
  • Have a regular life and avoid staying up or over exhaustion.
  • Do some adequate excises with movement and rest (e.g. skating, jogging, and swimming etc.).
  • Learn how to relax yourself, control your mood and avoid anxiety, tension, or getting angry.
  • Keep away from public areas with poor ventilation to prevent being infected with cold that causes asthma.
  • Stay with family or friends to ensure there is someone to help you when your asthma occurs.
  • Take instruction card about asthma with you when staying out for the rescuer to recognize your illness immediately when performing first aid and send you to hospital.
  • Take medicine regularly and always carry medicine with you.
  • Never cease to take asthma medicine without instructions from doctor, or adopt unscientific treatment with folk prescription.
  • Never forbear with an asthma that may risk your life when it occurs, see a doctor as soon as possible.