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Head Trauma Treatment

First Aid Treatment

  • Keep airway free.
  • Stop the bleeding (if with) of trauma and take adequate actions.
  • Watch the consciousness of the victim.
  • Take care to move the victim to prevent any hurt again to the victims of fracture of acanthi or other limbs.
  • Send the victim to the hospital as soon as possible.


Victim Notes

  • Be very careful to observe head trauma as it may cause supervenient encephalic pathological change.
  • In any following case, send the victim to hospital for emergency treatment as soon as possible:
    • Victim losing her/his consciousness and speech;
    • Arm and leg in one side becoming weak or disable;
    • Spasm in arm, leg or mouth corner;
    • Respiration trouble;
    • Severe headache;
    • Continuous vomiting
  • For other cases, go to nerve department for checks in two months to ensure the normalness of the brain.