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Nantou County Fire Bureau Organization

  • Director、Deputy Director、Secretary
  • Disaster Prevention Section、Disaster Rescue Section、Disaster Control Section、Emergency and Rescue Section、Fire Investigation Section、Training and Education Section、Emergency Command Center、Accounting Office、General Affairs Office、Personnel Office、Civil Service Ethics Office
  • First Corps:Nantou Branch、Caotun Branch、Jhongsing Branch、Mingjian Branch、Jhongliao Branch、Shuangwen Branch、ShuangDung Branch、Songboling Branch、Bising Branch、Fengming Branch
  • Second Corps:Puli Branch、Guosing Branch、Yuchih Branch、Sun Moon Lake Branch、Renai Branch
  • Third Corps:Jhushan Branch、Lugu Branch、Jiji Branch、Shueili Branch、Shinyi Branch、Yushan Branch

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Organization Director Deputy Director Secretary Disaster Prevention Section Disaster Rescue Section Disaster Control Section Emergency and Rescue Section Fire Investigation Section Training and Education Section Emergency Command Center Accounting Office General Affairs Office Personnel Office Civil Service Ethics Office First Corps Nantou Branch Caotun Branch> Jhongsing Branch Mingjian Branch Jhongliao Branch Shuangwen Branch ShuangDung Branch Songboling Branch Bising Branch Fengming Branch Second Corps Puli Branch Guosing Branch Yuchih Branch Sun Moon Lake Branch Renai Branch Organization Third Corps Jhushan Branch Lugu Branch Jiji Branch Shueili Branch Shinyi Branch Yushan Branch