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Renai Branch

Unit Description:Renai Branch

Address:No. 91, Renhe Road, Datong Village, Ren-ai Township, Nantou County


  • Auto:049-2802712
  • Police:3521
  • Fax:049-2802593


Governing areas:Ren-ai Township, Nantou County (Rongsing Village, Cueihua Village, Lising Village, Fasiang Village, Jingying Village, Chunyang Village, Datong Village, Nanfong Village, Hezuo Village, Jhongjheng Village, Fajhih Village, Wanfong Village, Cinai Village).

Governing areas summary:Ren-ai Township covers an area of 1,273.5 km2,and is the second largest hillside village in Nantou County. It lies in the northeast of the County, east to Hualien County on Central Mountains, north to Taichung County with Mt. Baigou and Mt. Basian as boundary, the Township is located in the woods of Central Mountains and central area of Taiwan, with beautiful and green mounts around, rivers interlacing, and pleasant climate and favorable natural environment, where thousands of biomes are vegetated, with many sceneries of beautiful mounts and rivers, and historic relics. The elevation of Ren-ai Township is lowest by 400 M at Meizihlin Tribe of Hujhu Village in Beigang River valley, and highest by 3599 M on the peak of Mt. Cilai,with a fall over 3100 KM. The mounts in the area include Hehuan, Cilai, Nenggao, Jhuoshe, Guandao, Shoucheng subordinate to Central Mountains, and there are more than 70 mounts with elevation above 2000M such as Mt. Hehuan and Mt. Nenggao etc. For the Township, there are shields of high mounts in the southeast and north, with elevation down from east to west. There are Jhuoshuei River in the south, Wu River in the upper stream of Dadu River in the center, Beigang River in the upper stream of Dadu River flowing through the Township from east to west, and Dajia River in the northeast flowing through Rongsing Village in the Township from southeast to north, hence forming the landform of many mounts and rivers with abundant water source and having a great effect on regulating the local climate.

Population:Ren-ai Township has a population of 15,493 and families of 4,732.

Personnel and vehicles furnishment:

  • Fireman: 11.
  • Substitute Civilian Serviceman: 3.
  • Vehicles furnishment: 2 water tank trucks, 1 ambulance, 1 apparatus truck, 1 logistic truck and 1 life boat.