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Sun Moon Lake Branch

Unit Description:Sun Moon Lake Branch

Address:No. 146, Jhongshan Road, Shueishe Village, Yuchih Township, Nantou County


  • Auto:049-2855307
  • Police:3180
  • Fax:049-2855515


Governing areas:Yuchih Township, Nantou County: (Toushe Village, Wudeng Village, Shueishe Village, Rihyue Village).

Governing areas summary:Sun Moon Lake lies in the center of Nantou County, of which the landform as hillside; it is located at 120.55 east longitude and 23.52 north latitude, with elevation of 748 M and an area of 116 km2,the lake is 27M deep an area of 827 ha, Sun Moon Lake has a water storage capacity of 140million m3,with a inlet from Ren-ai Township, Wushe and Aowanda Reservoir to Sun Moon Lake through a tunnel 15.12 km long,Sun Moon Lake was known as Shueishalian,with LALU Island (formerly Guanghua Island) as the boundary.

Population:The area of Sun Moon Lake has a population of 5, 930 and families of 2,000.

Personnel and vehicles furnishment:

  • Fireman: 8.
  • Substitute Civilian Serviceman: 2.
  • Vehicles furnishment: 2 water tank trucks, 1 ambulance, 1 jeep, 1 logistic truck, 3 life boats, and 1 aquatic motorcycle.