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Yuchih Branch

Unit Description:Yuchih Branch

Address:No. 360, Yuchih Street, Yuchih Village, Yuchih Township, Nantou County


  • Auto:049-2895553
  • Police:3184
  • Fax:049-2896746


Governing areas:Yuchih Township, Nantou County (Yuchih Village, Dongchih Village, Dalin Village, Gonghe Village, Dongguang Village, Sincheng Village, Dayan Village, Wucheng Village, Jhongming Village).

Governing areas summary:Yuchih Township lies in the center of the County, northeast to Puli Township with Mt. Jhuzih as boundary, southwest to Shueili Township with Shueili River and Mt. Songbolun as boundary, northwest to Guosing Township with Mt. Heshangtou and Mt. Chepinglun as boundary, and southeast to Ren-ai Township, Sinyi Township with Mt. Guokeng, Mt. Shueishe as boundary, the Township has an area of 121.37 km2.

Population:This area has a population of 17,552 and families of 5,502.

Personnel and vehicles furnishment:

  • Fireman: 9.
  • Substitute Civilian Serviceman: 2.
  • Vehicles furnishment: 2 water tank trucks, 1 ambulance, 1 apparatus truck, 1 logistic truck, and 1 rubber boat.