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Puli Branch

Unit Description:Puli Branch

Address:No. 600, Nanhuan Road, Cingsin Village, Puli Township, Nantou County


  • Auto:049-2982014
  • Police:3121
  • Fax:049-2903652


Governing areas:Puli Township, Nantou County (Dongmen Village, Simen Village, Nanmen Village, Beimen Village, Beian Village, Taian Village, Beimei Village, Tongsheng Village, Cingsin Village, Syunhua Village, Dacheng Village, Lancheng Village, Cilin Village, Shueitou Village, Jhuge Village, Sinan Village, Yaomi Village, Nancun Village, Chenggong Village, Ailan Village, Tieshan Village, Fangli Village, Siangshan Village, Yisin Village, Hecheng Village, Guangcheng Village, Shihgang Village, Fusing Village, Nioumian Village, Danan Village, Wugong Village, Pacheng Village, Pipa Village).

Governing areas summary:Puli Township lies in the north of the County in central Taiwan, it is a basin with mounts around, and also the largest basin among those between Jhuoshuei River and Beigang River, its height above sea level is between 380M and 700M. Puli Township is north and also northeast to Ren-ai Township,south to Yuchih Township,58 km west to Taichung, 23 km east to Wushe 23km,and about 17km south to Sun Moon Lake.

Population:Puli has a population of 86,000 and families of 23,417.

Personnel and vehicles furnishment:

  • Fireman: 23.
  • Substitute Civilian Serviceman: 6.
  • Vehicles furnishment: 4 water tank trucks, 1 chemical truck, 1 ambulance, 2 ladder trucks, 1 apparatus truck, 1 logistic truck, 1 life boat, 1 hovercraft, 1 out jet and 3 water tender.