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Jhongliao Branch

Jhongliao Branch

Unit Description:Jhongliao Branch

Address:No. 280, Yongping Road, Yongping Village, Jhongliao Township, Nantou County


  • Auto:049-2691570
  • Police:2186
  • Fax:049-2694235


Governing areas:Jhongliao Township, Nantou County (Guangsing Village, Kanding Village, Basian Village, Hesing Village, Fusheng Village, Yongping Village, Fusing Village, Jhongliao Village, Guangfu Village, Yongfu Village, Yihe Village)

  • Guangsing Village:Yongping Road Dingcheng Lane
  • Kanding Village:Jhongji Road Yongping Road Aisiang Lane
  • Basian Village:Yongping Road Yongle Road Sianlu Lane
  • Hesing Village:Yongle Road Danan Lane Siandong Lane
  • Fusheng Village:Yongle Road Siandong Lane Majhu Lane Fushan Lane Sincheng Lane
  • Yongping Village:Yongping Road Yongan Street Yongchang Street Yongfong Street Chujhong Lane Fusing Lane Aisiang Lane Sincheng Lane
  • Fusing Village:Chujhong Lane Fusing Lane
  • Jhongliao Village:Yongping Road Sianglin Lane
  • Guangfu Village:Neicheng Lane Sianglin Lane
  • Yongfu Village:Yongping Road Sianfong Lane Jhukeng Lane Yongjiasin Village Lizih Lane
  • Yihe Village:Yongping Road Jhukeng Lane

Governing areas summary:Jhongliao Township lies in the little west of Nantou County, central Taiwan, and is east to Guosing Township and Shueili Township,northwest to Nantou City, west to Mingjian Township, south to Jiji Township and north to Caotun Township. It has a total area of 146 km2,covering 3.57% of Nantou County.

Population:This area has a population of 17,008 people and 5,179 families.

Personnel and vehicles furnishment:

  • fireman:8
  • Substitute Civilian Serviceman:2
  • Vehicles furnishment: 2 water tank trucks, 1 ambulance, 1 apparatus truck, 1 logistic truck, and 1 jeep.