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Caotun Branch

Unit Description:Caotun Branch

Address:No. 185, Bishan S. Road, Dunhe Village, Caotun Township, Nantou County.


  • Auto:049-2362063
  • Police:4621
  • Fax:049-2300039


Governing areas:27 villages in Caotun Township, Nantou County (Shanglin Village, Jhongjheng Village, Beishih Village, Heping Village, Nanpu Village, Dunhe Village, Bijhou Village, Tucheng Village, Jhongyuan Village, Pinglin Village, Pingding Village, Yushih Village, Sincuo Village, Bifong Village, Shanjiao Village, Yufong Village, Mingjheng Village, Fuliao Village, Sinfong Village, Shuangdong Village, Jhongshan Village, Beitou Village, Shihchuan Village, Yanfong Village, Fusing Village, Sinjhuang Village).

Governing areas summary:Caotun Township lies in Nantou County, as the communication center, it is slim from east to west and narrow from north to south, and faces Wufong Township of Taichung County in the north across Wu River, east to Guosing Township, south to Jhongliao Township, Nantou City, and west to Fenyuan Township of Changhua County, there is no high mounts in the township that likes a horizontal rectangle, and the climate is warm all over the year.

Population:Caotun Township has a population of 98,180 and families of 26,793.

Personnel and vehicles furnishment:

  • Fireman: 21.
  • Substitute Civilian Serviceman: 6.
  • Vehicles furnishment: 5 water tank trucks, 2 water tenders, 1 ambulance, 2 ladder trucks, 1 apparatus truck, 1 logistic truck, 2 life boats, 1 aquatic motorcycle, and 1 hovercraft.