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Ciil Service Ethics Office Introduction

Responsibilities: Civil Service Ethics Office was established on March 28, 2002 pursuant to Regulations for Allocation of Civil Service Ethics Office Personnel, with main responsibility as to Rectify the Civil Service Ethics and Promote Honest and Efficient Politics.

The details pursuant to the above regulations are listed as follow:

  • Preparation of decrees on civil service ethics.
  • Propaganda of civil service ethics.
  • Prevention, inspection of position corruption and dealing with complaint.
  • Suggestions for renovation of civil service ethics.
  • Suggestion for assessment, award and punishment on civil service ethics.
  • Maintenance of officially confidential items.
  • Other affairs concerned with civil service ethics.

Relevant laws and regulations about civil service ethics

Department of Civil Service Ethics, MOJ ( Department of Civil Service Ethics, MOJ )

Propaganda and Instruction of Honest Administration

(一)Propaganda and Instruction of Honest Administration in our department:

Welcome to impeach corruption.Show your opinions on renovation of civil service ethics

Special line for honest administration:049-2247369

Mail box: PO Box 139, Nantou

Our Service Email:ntfd037@mail.ntfd.gov.tw

Welcome to impeach or report the following cases with your real signature to our department:

  • Any purchase by our department (corps) involved in bidding collusion, or binding bidding with inadequately limited bidding specs and qualification.
  • Any purchase by our department (corps) involved in false acceptance or over amount or quantity in quotation.
  • The personnel of our department (corps) involved in seeking bribe on her/his duty, or covering up the illegality after receiving bribe.
  • The personnel of our department (corps) involved in jobbery to obtain inadequate interest in the name of their relatives or collude with specific objects.
  • The personnel of our department (corps) involved in defrauding in use of their duty.
  • The personnel of our department (corps) involved in receiving gift or reception in use of their duty.
  • The personnel of our department (corps) involved in making use of the public facilities, resources for personal interest.
  • Any fabrication and change of certificate or document and seal for personal interest which may affect others.
  • That you have renovative ideas for the operational flows of the units of our department (corps) which tend to result in abuse.

(二)Propaganda and instruction of “I disclose stable push” by Ministry of Justice:

An effective government and clean politics need the support and cooperation from all the people. Now the impeachment against the corruption of public servants can be done by just a call, which is kept totally secret and the impeacher with real signature may receive an award up to 6 million NT$ if the impeached found true and judged as guilty by the court. Call 02-23167586 the special line of Ministry of Justice for impeachment to impeach corruption.

Awards for impeachment of corruption: In pursuance to the Regulation on Awards and Protection to Impeachment of Corruption issued by Executive Yuan, any impeacher of corruption shall be awarded once the impeached is judged as guilty, the award is between NT$200,000 and NT$ 6,000,000 as follow:
Judgment by Court Award Amount (NT$)
Above 15 years, or life imprisonment, death penalty > 4,500,000 and < 6,000,000
years of imprisonment > 10 and < 15 > 3,000,000 and < 4,500,000
years of imprisonment > 7 and < 10 > 2,000,000 and < 3,000,000
years of imprisonment > 5 and < 7 > 1,500,000 and < 2,000,000
years of imprisonment > 3 and < 5 > 1,000,000 and < 1,500,000
years of imprisonment > 1 and < 3 > 500,000 and < 1,000,000
year of imprisonment < 1, or detention, fine. > 200,000 and < 500,000

Protective actions for impeach of corruption: The above regulation also specifies that the authority receives the impeachment shall keep confidential about the name, age, residence for the impeacher, and shall archive the impeach letter, notes or other data of the impeacher without keeping them in investigation file. Any disclosure shall be punished pursuant to Criminal Law or other laws and regulations.